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Kharkiv prepares for new Ukrainian record


Sportsmen-parachutists are planning to surpass the achievement of a decade ago in the large formations category.

Kharkiv Federation of parachuting opened testing registration for participation in the project “Back to the Future 50-way” – “Large formations with re-formation.”

The skydivers are planning to form an exact copy of the figure of 50 members that made parachutists at Kyiv airport “Gostomel” in September 2006, and rebuild this figure in the sky at the airport “Korotych” of Grizodubova Kharkiv flying club (in Russian only) on August 20-23, 2016.

The skydivers want to time the event to the City Day and the anniversary of the liberation of Kharkiv from fascist invaders.

To establish a record in Kharkiv flying club from Zaporizhia will provide the aircraft AN-74 with the support of the Federation of Sports of Ukraine. Its load capacity will allow to take on board all the participants of the record.

It is assumed the parachutists will be at an altitude of 5000 meters. The event is being organized by the Federation of Parachuting in Ukraine, the Federation of Helicopter Sport of Ukraine, Kharkiv Federation of Parachuting and Kharkiv Flying Club.

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