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Visa-free regime issue to be examined in Kharkiv

Photo from obozrevatel.com

The Kharkiv Youth Council has developed a series of events dedicated to the topic of visa-free regime, as the City Council reported.

In particular, a project “Generation Without Borders” with various workshops, conferences and round tables is to be held.

The first round table discussion was held with the participation of young people and diplomats on February 25.

At the meeting Honorary Consul of Germany in Kharkiv, Tatiana Gavrish, noted the country has to carry out judicial reform to allow independent judges to deal with human rights. Also, the country needs to continue to fight corruption and implement electronic declaration.

“Europeans need to be sure we are a conscious nation. After all, in the future, we will get the possibility not to just cross the border, but also to study and work in the EU. Everyone must understand when crossing the border that a Ukrainian represents his country and creates an overall impression of Ukraine,” Gavrish said.

Consul General of Poland in Kharkiv Janusz Jablonski noted that Poland is one of the first countries to recognize the introduction of a visa-free regime for Ukraine. The country needs to discover the European development experience, he stressed.

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