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The best IT-startup was chosen at Hackathon competition in Kharkiv


The best in IT solutions came together for a unique two-day event in Kharkiv.

On February 13-14, the regional competition – Hackathon – was held in which IT specialists selected the best projects for data digitizing and automation from various sectors of the economy.

More than 60 participants, divided into 15 teams, developed solutions for the education, medicine, aviation and law enforcement agencies.

uchastniki-680x453The winner was RICAS system – Real-time intelligence crime analytics system – which allows users to monitor the crime situation in the city online and immediately notify police officers of any violations of the law.

In addition, RICAS opens new possibilities for the law enforcement officers – they can analyze not just fragmented data but the correlation that shows the program.

This project came through to the final of the competition where, with other start-ups, they will work with more than 40 specialists on the introduction of innovations in the real economy.

“For the first time in the history of Ukraine state bodies, public institutions, international funds and the IT sector have common objectives and are ready for real cooperation to solve the problems of citizens, society and business,” said the founder of the NGO of IT-volunteers SocialBoost Denis Gursky.

He explained that “due to the launch of the Single portal of open data data.gov.ua which contains more than 300 registries and databases, young developers have a chance to build a partnership with major IT companies, find a common language with the ministries and city administrations”.

Fourteen projects, designed to improve the energy work, agro-industry, medicine and education sectors will take part in the final in Kyiv.

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