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Kharkiv Palace Hotel will host the 3rd international business forum

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At The Third International Business Forum to be held on April 7-8th businessmen will discuss the issues of donation, investment and energy efficiency. The purpose of the business forum “Ukraine 2016. Strategic Vision: Challenges and Opportunities” is to give the owners and top managers practical recommendations aimed at the development of business in crisis, access to the European market and receipt of grants and investments.

“The Business Forum is a communication and discussion forum which raises topical issues of internal reforms of the Ukrainian business. Its goal is to help businesses become more competitive, adapt to the integration processes, improve investment attractiveness and gain new business opportunities,” said Yuri Kostoglodov, the organizer of the business forum and partner of ICOM Capital.

The second international business forum
The second international business forum

The forum program includes two familiar formats: speakers’ performance and discussions, as well as new formats: “Investment Salon” and “Battle of projects.” At “Investment Salon” Ukrainian businessmen will be able to have a talk with representatives of investment companies and learn how to achieve grants. At “Battle of the projects” owners will present their startups.

“The second section will be devoted to attracting international technical assistance in business development. The forum is important for us to show that the business is ready to take an active donor assistance and transparently use it,” said Stanislav Ignatiev, curator of the section “Energy efficiency as the challenges and opportunities of the Ukrainian business.

The speakers are not onlyn foreign and local leading economists and businessmen but also representatives of the fund Western NIS Enterprise Fund, the USA and the UK international development agencies.

Each year the forum attracts more than 350 owners, directors and managers of companies. Geography of participants is: Kharkiv, Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhia, Rivne, Vinnytsia, Odesa, Zhytomyr, Lviv.

Business Forum is an initiative of the business community of Kharkiv as a reaction to the country’s current situation. The very fact of the meeting for the third time is a prime example of self-organization of the Ukrainian business. The forum organizers are ICOM Capital Investment Bank and Marketing Office Monya Gets.

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