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The city strengthens links with Egypt

Photo from choice.if.ua

Elshafei Mohammed, the owner of “Chema Industries”, one of the largest Egyptian companies, came to Kharkiv. Denis Tkachev, a deputy chief of the department on competitiveness told us about the reasons for the visit of a businessman from Egypt and agreements reached between him and the leadership of the region.

According to Denis, the owner of the company “Chema Industries” is interested in the implementation of a large investment project – the construction of a pesticide plant in the region. He was talking about fungicides aimed to fight various plant diseases as well as treat soil and seeds.

The regional administration shows interest in the offer and is ready to provide opportunities for its implementation as well as take part in the project.

The Egyptian businessman is not an only foreign representative who visited Kharkiv with a cooperation offer. As collaboration with international partners aimed to attract investment to the region is in a progressive stage.

Henrik Hallgren who represented the International Council of Swedish Industry had a meeting of the business department of the City Hall. They discussed issues of cooperation between the two sides in the areas of implementation of business projects, improving of business environment, jobs creation and investment attraction.

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