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What Kharkivens think about renaming of streets and areas?

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As you know, in November 2015 according to the law of decommunisation, the city government renamed 173 streets, one metro station  and 4 parks. In February 2016, another 48 streets and five administrative districts of Kharkiv were renamed.

The group “Kharkiv Live” conducted a survey in social networks to find out the attitude of Kharkivens to the renaming of streets and areas of the city. According to the data 5793 people were interviewed, in total. It is interesting that a lot of people have a negative attitude to these changes, namely 3978 (68.7%). 1297 people (22.4%) are not concerned about the law on de-communization and chose the answer “Neutral”. Only 519 (8.9%) of respondents have a positive attitude to names changes.

Kharkiv resident Elena expressed dissatisfaction with the changes: “I am personally concerned about the fact that money was allocated for de-communization Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 4.26.03 PMas it was possible to arrange a small enterprise, providing jobs to people. Or simply handing out loans for business development”.

Another resident of Kharkiv Alexander says: “I do not care. And what was supposed to be changed? In the end, everything will remain as before. In addition, the budget money will be spent, thus again we will experience the increase of prices and taxes. I do not believe that changing the data in the documents will be on the expence of the state. Again we will need to pay for that”.

Kharkiven Dmitry shares: “Honestly, I do not advocate decommunisation in general! But some streets were renamed smartly, that is obvious!”

Changing the street signs will begin in April and this process is expected to take from six to eight weeks. It is planned to install about 2.700 new tablets, installation of which will cost Kharkiv about 1.5 million UAH. In addition, updating the information in the passport is not necessary. Changes in the data about the place of registration will be made in the cases set by the law, when there is a need for a replacement of passport. According to the recently updated law of Ukraine “On State Registration of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs” (Art. 10), the administrative fee will not be charged.

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