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Kharkiv will present a reality show about patrol police

Kharkivens will produce a reality show about work of the patrol police. ICTV channel together with FILM.UA in collaboration with the National Police of Ukraine started to film “Patrols“.

In each episode of the program the crew together with the police teams will patrol streets in different cities of Ukraine: Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkiv, Lviv. The audience will become witness of persecutions, arrests, traffic accidents and other hazards as well as recognize the responsibility and powers of the new police force.

“The project will raise the veil of Ukrainian cops’ privacy, tell about the motive to go to patrol police ranks. It is not a reconstructed show, but a complete picture of this exhausting daily life of our police collected on the basis of photo and video reportages,” told us the employees of the channel.

“The project Patrols is an opportunity to see the new police in the business: from a call accepting and clarification of the circumstances to interaction with other departments of the National Police. The project intends to understand if the new police structure is more effective and whether all citizens are equal before the law,” stressed the initiator of the project.

Another aim of Patrols is to show that the partnership between citizens and law enforcement officers is not only possible, but necessary. The premiere of the show will be held on March 1st.

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