Home Culture Kharkiv citizens are invited to participate in “Language Marathon”

Kharkiv citizens are invited to participate in “Language Marathon”


By the International Mother Language Day (established by UNESCO) Kharkivens are invited to participate in the 21-day marathon of the Ukrainian language.

The project “Movomarathon”/ “Language marathon” will be launched on February 19 and includes two “running” tracks. The first is a full immersion in the Ukrainian language for three weeks. For participants who will speak just in Ukrainian, the organizers will send “language trends”, advices and “life hacks” on how to enrich Ukrainian speech, to get rid of borrowings from Russian by e-mail.

кип калмIn the second “soft track” every two days the marathon participants will receive the tasks. This soft format of participation is for those who are not ready for a sharp transition but want to improve the Ukrainian language. The participants will be looking for answers to the questions and learn the modern Ukrainian culture, communicate in social networks and participate in recreational and educational activities.

Moreover, the organizer of the project – the youth organization “Foundation of Regional Initiatives” – will prepare a list of events where will be possible to talk in Ukrainian without misunderstandings and obstacles. In addition, activists will hold several meetings and parties in the framework of the project.

The registration on “Movomarathon” was launched on February 9. To participate it is necessary to fill out an application form on the website of the project. For the marathon participants organizers prepared badges with the logo of the project.

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