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The World Bank will help to modernize Kharkiv heating networks

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The World Bank will allocate 107.5 million UAH of credit facilities for activities related to the replacement of equipment at municipal enterprise “Kharkiv heating networks”, as the director of the plant Leonid Lysak reported.

According to him, the equipment of Central Heating and Power Plant-3 (CHPP-3) will be reconstructed, in particular, a turbine generator №2. Its reconstruction will enable to generate about 160 million KW / h per year and an additional saving of 6 million cubic meters of gas.

“The modernization of CHPP-3 is based on the idea of heat and electricity co-generation. As a result of commissioning of the new equipment it becomes possible: electricity and heat will be produced at the same moment,” stated Leonid.

Placement into service of a new turbine generator at the CHPP-3 is planned at the end of 2019. According to the director of the enterprise, supply and installation of the new equipment will begin in the second half of 2016. Payback of the equipment is no more than 6 years.

In addition, for the credit facilities it is planned to install about 1,000 heating counters with weather regulators in residential buildings of Kharkiv, 250 heating units, as well as replace inefficient and outdated 58 local boilers.

CHPP-3 was commissioned on August 1, 1934. The generated heating energy covers 25% of the district heating system need in Kharkiv during the heating season and up to 50% of the hot water supply in the non-heating period in the 7 districts of the city. Heat and hot water supply covers 1929 buidings, 63 schools, 47 kindergartens and 41 medical institutions.

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