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In Kharkiv launched startup for searching apartments without real estate agent


In Kharkiv launched startup “2 Neighbors”/ “2 soseda” in which it will be possible to find a neighbor for flat-sharing or rent out own room or apartment.

“2soseda” has a simple design and is available for searching from your computer and mobile devices. The registration is quick – through the profile from social networks Vkontakte and Facebook. The service will be a good support for students who will soon defend the diploma and for graduates who will be able to solve quickly the problem with housing after the graduation.

“We try to maintain a balance between development and research of customers’ needs. “2 Neighbors” – is like “Bla-bla-car” service but for joint lodging of apartments,” told the CEO of the team Alexander Padalka.

To find the neighbor is enough to write the requirements, according to which the website will select the appropriate announcements. Twice a day the website makes dispatches of new suitable variants that considerably saves time for search. All the announcements in the service are private. If the user gets a message from a real estate agent he can mark it and the system will block the author.

As noted Alexander Padalka, “2soseda” service is included in the international program of support for startups “Microsoft BizSpark” through which passed thousands of start-up companies in more than 100 countries.

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