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Kharkivens support large-scale ecoproject

Photo from ecocleaning.kiev.ua

In April 2016 Kharkiv will join the international environmental project “Let’s Do It, World!”. This decision was taken at the “Regional cooperation forum”, which was held within the framework of All-Ukrainian Ecological Action “Let’s make Ukraine clean together!”.

The event was organized with participation of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources of the State Administration. During the forum representatives of public organizations and public authorities have decided on the schedule of activities that are planned within the campaign.

The participants of the event analyzed the environmental problems of the Kharkiv region, and announced the work plans for 2016 concerning waste management and activities for landscaping. Representatives of the NGO “Let’s do it, Ukraine” presented the environmental projects “Trends and Prospects of sorting waste in the Kharkiv region” and “Ecolending – example of Waste Issues”.

Director of the Department of Public Utilities of the City Council Viktor Kitanin added that Kharkiv is preparing for spring planting of trees as well as the new flower beds and garden renovation of the Shevchenko Park.

About 500 thousand volunteers from th whole Ukraine will take part in spring clean-up.

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