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How do men’s and women’s wages differ in Ukraine: the higher post the greater difference

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After analyzing the database of vacancies and CVs of the portal Rabota.ua, analysts of the service came to the conclusion that the salary discrimination based on gender does occur in Ukraine: the difference between men’s and women’s wages is 25-40% in favor of the stronger sex. The higher post the worse things.

Judging by the dynamics of the last three years, the women’s salary inequality only worsen with time – from 74% of men’s wages in 2013, women’s wages fell to 59% in 2015.

The analysts say that female managers tend to head businesses in the area of ​hryvnia, and men are more likely to run a business related to currency (including IT field). This trend can partly explain the growth of the gap between male and female wages by devaluation of the national currency.

Another interesting thing is that men more often occupy a high-paying position: CEO, Sales Director, CFO. Women get less paid positions.

The trend has touched not only the Ukrainian labor market, but also the world one. Women earn less than men worldwide. These data were recently presented in the report “The Global Gender Gap Report 2015” of the World Economic Forum. The process of achieving the equity in earnings slowed 5-6 years ago. Now the female amount of salary corresponds to the level that men had 10 years ago, as the forum researchers stated.

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