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Electricity will become more expensive in Kharkiv

Photo from www.krym.aif.ru

From March 1st the electricity in Ukraine will become more expensive. This will happen under gradual tariff increase approved by the National Commission carrying out the state regulation in the areas of energy and utility services.

From March 1st electricity price will rise by about 20%. For urban dwellers, including presence of home electric cookers, prices will be as follows:

  • The consumption of up to 100 kW / h per month – 0.57 UAH (0,46 now);
  • The consumption from 100 to 600 KW / h per month – 0.99 UAH (0,79 now);
  • The consumption is more than 600 kW / h per month – 1.56 UAH (1,48 now).

For residents of the countryside the rates are the same as for the city inhabitants, but with one difference: the rate of 0.57 UAH will be valid when consumed up to 150 kW / h per month.

These prices will be valid until August 31st, 2016. From September 1st Ukrainians expect the next stage of electricity price increase.

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