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Kharkiv journalists disscused a strategy of information warfare

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Information warfare became the main topic of the roundtable “Journalism and information warfare” held at V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University on January 28th.

Among the participants there were representatives of central media (Zurab Alasania, CEO of the National Television Company of Ukraine, Oleksandr Martynenko, General Director of “Interfax-Ukraine), speakers of the local media, and journalism professors of Karazin University.


Rector of the University Vil Bakirov opened the roundtable. He very aptly described the problem of information warfare in the modern world, touched the role of the media in such wars, and raised the issue of education and training of the national journalism in terms of information warfare.

Participants of the table also talked about ethics of journalists and their responsibility in reporting and filing materials and news in their publications. One of the interesting problems voiced by speakers was the connection between civic rights and professional skills of journalists.


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