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Students of Kharkiv Law University agreed not to cheat and not to give bribes

Photo from studway.com.ua

On January 26th on the meeting of the Student Senate of Yaroslav Mudryi Law National University its members signed the Declaration of Truth and Virtue, which indicates on the personal responsibility of each student:

  • To refrain from engaging in any acts of corruption during the educational process;
  • Never, under any circumstances, pose others’ texts as your own;
  • Do not use tips and any other means of assistance during examinations, tests and other forms of control;
  • Conscientiously comply with the legislation on education and principles of pedagogical ethics.

Student Senate encourages all students of the University to join the Declaration and sign it.

If you face with corruption, biased evaluation or other violations of law on education or teaching ethics, please, call the hotline 704-89-19 or send an email on students.parliment.nlu@ukr.net.


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