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IT & Internet commerce: Kharkiv has 10,000 new businessmen

Photo from biz911.ru

According to the press service of the regional department of State Fiscal Service, from the beginning of the year 10 thousand people have started their own business in Kharkiv region.

Last year, in Kharkiv region almost 15 thousand people have opened their own businesses. Among the newcomers entrepreneurs there were 12 thousand individuals and 3 thousand legal entities.

The most popular fields are IT-technology and trade, including Internet trade, among the activities which “newcomers” wanted to realize their potential in. The activity of public organizations is gaining popularity as well.

But the field of broadcasting is not in demand, only one economic entity have registered in this sphere. Also unpopular among Kharkivens are fields of risk assessment and fund management.

Businessmen, who live in Kharkiv, often choose the field of computer programming, but among the inhabitants of the region the most common field remains trade.

The taxmen recall that the procedure of registration of own business is as simple as possible: beginners do not need to contact the authorities of the fiscal service for registration. Moreover, reports can be made online.

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