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The victims did not attend the session of Kernes trial

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Yesterday, January 25, another hearing on the case of the mayor of Kharkiv Gennady Kernes and two of his guards was held in the Kiev District Court of Poltava.

This time, MP Valery Pisarenko came to support the mayor. In addition, the hall was attended by activists with posters. Victims Sergei Ryapolov and Alexander Kutyanin were not present in court. Their lawyer Tatyana Zelkina stated that they are absent “for personal reasons”.

At the meeting, the court heard the deputy mayor Igor Terekhov and former head of the city police department Igor Bolyuh. They were called as witnesses. Igor Bolyuh said that on January 26, 2014, he saw the victims in the building of the Kharkiv city Department of Internal Affairs. According to the witness, they did not have any physical injuries.

The judge announced a break for a week – until February 1. The next court will call Alexander Kolesnikov and guards of the mayor, Alexander and Sergey Vlasenko, as witnesses.

Recall, the court heard Sergei Ryapolov and Sergei Marchuk at the last meeting.

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