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In the center of Kharkiv will hand out medical face masks


In order to prevent the flu on January 22 and 23 Kharkiv Red Cross volunteers will distribute medical face masks on Freedom Square, in the Shevchenko Park and near the metro station “Universitet”.

The organizers plan to hand out more than 2,500 masks and information leaflets to Kharkiv citizens. Now the organizers are looking for volunteers who would help them to hand out the medical face masks in the most crowded places of Kharkiv.

“We need volunteers for distribution. It can be everyone, age is not important. First we meet at the office of our youth team then we go to Freedom Square and there we will start handing out of medical masks,” explained the organizers.

According to the initiator of the action Maxim, Red Cross will hand out protective masks from 18:00 for about two hours. In addition, it is planned to attract passers-by to a lecture about the danger of influenza and its prevention which will take place on January 25.

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