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Festival “Day of One Street” in Kharkiv


The second festival “Day of One Street” will be held on January 24 in Kharkiv on Gogol street, reported the website of the Kharkiv City Council. The festival is organized by the initiative group “Day of Music”.

The guide and lecturer Alexander Stadnik noticed that its formation Gogol street owes to Germans who were invited to work at the Kharkiv university. And at the beginning of the street they built the temple. After the Germans, Kharkiv Poles built the church on this street, and at the end of the street was one of the oldest Orthodox churches in Kharkiv – Mironositskaya church. “Thus, Gogol street, at least before the Revolution was one of the most cosmopolitan in our cosmopolitan city,” said Stadnik.


“Day of One Street” on the Gogol street begins at 12:00. On this day, the street will be pedestrianized, and admission to all events – free of charge. Kharkivens are invited to discover the history of the street, to listen to music in the Catholic church, to back in time of Nikolai Gogol, to get acquainted with the heroes of his works, to participate in the historic quest. For adults and children prepared street festivals, master classes, children’s playground, a food court, a recreation area and disco.

The organizers said that only the weather can make changes in the program: if the temperature drops below minus 15 ° C the event will be taken indoors, and if the weather falls to a critical point the celebration will be necessary to postpone until warming.

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