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Replacement of the old passport for a new ID-card was postponed

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Slight disappointment awaits for those who after the announcement of the introduction of new plastic internal passports for Ukraine decided to replace the old passport for an ID-card.

Untill the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine accepts the bill №3224, there will no possibility to legally issue plastic passports. It is expected that the law will come into force in late January or in early February. As soon as it will be adopted, all comers will be able to change the old passport.

The second reason is technical features. Now only a half of departments of the Migration Service of Ukraine has the necessary equipment for the issuance of such passports.

The Migration Service has more than 600 offices throughout Ukraine. We distributed purchased equipment evenly throughout the country in order to the citizens have no inconveniences with registration. At the moment approximately 800 workstations in 330 offices of the migration service across the country are equipped,” said the head of the Migration Service Maxim Sokolyuk.

If you have just turned 16, you already can issue the plastic passport at the department having the necessary equipment to embed a chip with biometric data in the card. And it is absolutely free. You only need to provide a birth certificate.

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