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Business couch Ivan Budko: I help people to succeed and live a full life

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This time we want to introduce you Ivan Budko, business couch, expert in the field of self-actualization and public speaking skills. Ivan helps people to find their mission and build online business based on the calling. Ivan worked with such companies as GNetwork, Nika Models, Herbolife, international organizations of the Red Cross, the Peace Corps, AISEC, international festival “Tavale” and many others. He is also a partner of the world-famous project TEDs. Recently he returned from his business trip to Dubai and we caught him in Kharkiv to talk about spreading ideas and learning to find your life mission.

– Could you please tell us more about your work: how it all began? Is your education connected with your activity?

10f0c32f67709688967d0a32a8ccdaca– Even in the childhood I described my future profession as “telling people something”. But eventually I realized that you have to be more precise with the way you form your goals and I started to search my destination. I studied to be an engineer-constructor, but this specialty was not mine. So I started playing in two theaters, took part in debates.  Afterwards I become a finalist of several All-Ukrainian debate tournaments.

Once I had the idea to hold a training course on public speaking for my colleagues from the debate club. We both enjoyed it, so I realized that I want to teach people oratory skills and public speech.

– What challenges have you faced with at the start?

I have left 3 jobs one for another, working on each not more than for 3-4 days. I could not stand them and quit as I had realized that I couldn’t work for someone else. I have had no money at all and the last chance for survival was to hold the first paid training. Around 70 friends promised to come that time. Only 5 came actually. That day, I wanted to die. Believe me. But I recovered and went on to provide trainings at a lower price. We started having first clients. Every next training I have raised the price. Subsequently, people themselves started looking for me, I had many offers. A bit later, I went online and took up the theme of searching your destination.

– What is the goal of your activity? What is the most crucial thing in your work?

– There are a lot of goals: helping people to succeed and live a full life; I am also getting pleasure from what I do, making money in order to live my life the way I want.

– In addition to general training, which interesting people and companies you worked with?

– Recently one my training has attended one of the sheiks of the United Arab Emirates. It was a great honor for me. Before among guests were the leaders of various companies, both famous and not so well-known.

kwSHxP0vk6Y– We know that recently you have conducted a lot of workshops in Dubai. Tell us more about the project you have implemented in Dubai, is it some particular program you participated in?

– I love to sell. I like this process, I am good at this. Therefore, in Dubai I started with training on sales, and later came an idea of training on how to move to the UAE. We are conducting this training with my partner currently.

– Have your workshops helped anyone from your audience to succeed? What are the most brilliant results so far?

62EfWoGRO3A– I have more than a hundred video reviews (it is not easy to get from people). I also received many grateful text reviews, there are a few hundreds, I guess. Speaking about the bright cases I can mention 16-year-old guy, who made his online business and started earning more than both of his parents. There is one woman, herself raising a child. After training, she started an online business, and then went on a vocation abroad. Another client, after implementation of my technologies bought a brand new Ford Mustang. There so many such stories.

What are your plans for the future? What is your main goal? Maybe you wish to open training centers/schools named after Bud’ko around the world or you are planning just to keep on couching till your grey hairs?

– Now I am in the process of moving to Dubai. I will there conduct training in English, and conquer new markets.

– Are you popular? What do you think?

– In my hometown of Kharkiv, people constantly recognize me on the streets. Within the last few months more than 3000 people attended my trainings and workshops. Although even in Dubai my subscribers  caught me a few times. So I feel that I am rather known already.

Traditional selfie by Budko

– What useful tips based on your experience can you give to TKT readers?

– I would recommend to try finding our what you really want to do, then you need to find a place where to do it, developing your emotional intellect and always being purposeful.

Thank you very much for all the tips, Ivan. TKT staff also wishes you luck in your future projects!

by Kateryna Sukhopleshchenko and Oksana Dovhopiata

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