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The project “Active Kharkiven”: exactions in schools will undergo changes

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Kharkivens rebelled against “charity”. A project “Active Kharkiven” choose the best offers in December. Thus, the greatest number of votes (92% of affirmative votes) gained a proposal to make so-called charitable fees in the Kharkiv kindergartens and schools to be official, and carry out them through bank accounts.

The second place (86% of voters approved the proposal) gained a proposal to detain minors being under the influence of alcohol, and then charge a fee with their parents.

The top three is closed by an offer to make lighting at pedestrian crossings (81% of affirmative votes). In order to a driver could see not only the sign, but the marks on the road at any time of day or night and under any weather conditions.

Recalling that it is possible to make suggestions to improve the life of the city on the website of Kharkiv City Council, which runs a web version of the project “Active Kharkiven”.

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