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Horse cavalry will patrol Kharkiv region

Photo from www.segodnya.ua

The Kharkiv horse cavalry aims to patrol the areas of the city which are difficult to reach by car: Sevchenko Garden, central streets, park zones. The Kharkiv cavalry consists of 13 employees, therefore, of 13 “office” horses, as the press service of the Main Department of National Police in the Kharkiv region reported.

The main task of the cavalry is patrolling the forests and outskirts of the region, keeping order at sport and other events with a large number of people.

“The advantages of such patrol lie in the fact that during the day a large area is covered. All the horses have excellent proficiency: they have a good mouth, follow orders, don’t fear explosions of firecrackers or other loud sounds,” told us the inspector of patrol police, Denis Chernenko.

“The autumn-winter period differs from summer one by a need to adapt to the weather changes. After all, when the temperature is below 10 degrees, it is not allowed to use horses for patrol isusses”,  said the commander of the cavalry of Kiyvskiy district in Kharkiv region, senior lieutenant, Anastasia Chernuha.

Due to the fact that it is impossible to predict all the factors, as a rule, from October the department operates by a separate plan. It includes daily training for horses as usual to keep them in good physical shape, and exercises with the staff on improving skills of the cavalry.

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