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Kharkiv labor market 2016 shows much optimism than in 2015

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According to the development director of human resources of the portal Work.ua, Sergey Marchenko, at the end of last year employers weren’t able to make plans fearing a full-scale war with Russia. Now there are many positive news for the market: the economy shown growth in the III quarter (for the first time since 2013), the IMF and the World Bank predict economic growth of Ukraine in 2016, the rating agencies raised the sovereign rating of the country. Everything indicates that the demand for working hands will increase.

The forecasts are supported by the figures: 36 thousand jobs were placed on the website in November 2014, and in a year there were already 55 thousand jobs. The experts expect a CVs boom in February 2016. First of all, employes are looking for online marketers, web-designers, and SEOs.

The average salary in the country increased by almost 30% in Junuary-October 2015, according to the State Service of Statistics. The rating of high official income is headed by aviation field (20 thousand UAH), followed by finance and insurance area (9,000 UAH), and then by telecommunication and information industry (8,000 UAH).

“The subject of wages also has a reason for cautious optimism. After some time, employers’ increased demand will lead to higher competition for professionals, and they will have to raise salaries. Frankly speaking, it is a prospect of next year or two,” Sergey Marchenko said.

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