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British theater continues its project in Kharkiv


The 8th mini-season of the project will start on January 5 with much talked about premiere of “Hamlet: Cumberbatch”.

In the 8th mini-season of “The British Theatre at a Cinema / Theatre HD” on January 5 in Kharkiv will show the loudest theatrical premiere of the outgoing year – “Hamlet: Cumberbatch” in which Benedict Cumberbatch’s fans will see him in the role of the Prince of Denmark.

“Being convinced that the Kharkiv theatergoers won’t be satisfied with only Cumberbatch, the British Council in Ukraine, the art association CoolConnections and cinema network Kronverk Cinema prepared for the audience the run of another ten plays, two of which will be broadcasted in a live from London,” said the organizers.


“The project “The British Theatre at a Cinema” is multifaceted. On the one hand, it’s a familiarity with the text, on the other hand – a living language of the original, and all this is supported by the live action. This is a unique opportunity not only for teachers of English but also for all those who study the language, who are interested in England, who studies the literature, art and culture of this country. And, of course, for students of acting schools,” thinks the fine art expert Yana Partorola.

All screenings of the 8th season of “The British Theatre at a Cinema / Theatre HD” in Kharkiv, as before will be held in the cinema “Kronverk Cinema Dafi” (Shopping and Entertainment Center “Dafi”) at 19:30 (the live broadcast can be specified on the website of the cinema).

Traditionally, all the performances will be shown in their original language with Ukrainian subtitles. This will let to enjoy the actors’ play, the British actor’s accent and also improve the knowledge of English in the best possible way – English theater.

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