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X-mas tram will travel across Kharkiv

Photo from vk.com/rizdvo.tram

On Thursday, January 7th, Christmas tram will be running across Kharkov. According to organizers, the tram route starts from the South Railway Station.

Residents and visitors of Kharkiv will be able to see Christmas customs and rituals, as well as listen to and sing carols. Two carriages “loud-singing” and “low-fairy” will go every hour starting from 16:00. The last departure is at 20:00. As a result, the tram makes five city tours.

The cost is 25 UAH. The funds collected will be used to refund the cost of rented cars, equipment, decoration, maintenance and development of the project.

Anyone can buy a special “ticket” and become a passenger of the festive tram. You just need to fill out the form.

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