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Kharkiv Metro station “Radianska” was renamed


On Thursday, December 31 in Kharkiv within the framework of decommunization metro station “Radianska” has been renamed on “Maidan Konstytutsii”.

a6b3cef3cf55941ec3dd911481821f7cThere is no longer metro station “Radianska” on the maps, signboards and names of subway. Now the station is called “Maidan Konstytutsii”, informed the press service of Kharkiv City Council.

The signboards with the new name appeared at the entrances to the metro and inside.


In addition, it has been appropriately overwritten announcement machine (announcement of the stations) and in the metro coaches renewed metro maps of Kholodnohirsko-Zavodska line were placed on the doors. Also all the signboards will be replaced step by step at each station where was featured as “Radianska”.

Recall that the renaming of streets, parks and metro station in Kharkiv occurred pursuant to the law on decommunization.

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