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Kharkivens are going to decorate the city with flowerbeds

Photo from tadgikov.net

The first meeting on design of urban flowerbeds 2016 was held yesterday, on December 29th, at the City Council.

Victor Kitanin, the head of the Department of Public Utilities held the meeting. Also, the representatives of “Harkovzelenstroy” enterprise, landscape designers and other specialists took part in the discussion.

The first sketches of the city flowerbeds were covered at the meeting. So, near the monument to Taras Shevchenko on the Sumska Street it is planned to create a flowerbed in the folk style, which will be decorated by 30 thousand flowers. Moreover, about 60 thousand flowers will be landed on a triple alley in Shevchenko Garden. In addition, a bed in a form of musical notes will be placed near the new color music fountain in the park.

A flowerbed near the Universitet station will be devoted to the 25th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine: a floral image of our flag and the anniversary date will be created there. On the Memorial of Glory in the forest park it will be planted beds with symbols of the victory in World War II.

In addition, a bed with the inscription “We love Kharkiv” may appear near the shopping center “Metro” at Haharina Avenue.

The director of Department of Public Utilities said that thousands of flowers would adorn the city squares, parks and streets. “According to weather forecasts, the years 2016-2017 are expected to be the hottest ones, so we will choose the flowers resistant to drought, diseases, and environmental stresses. Flowerbeds should please Kharkivens until frosts”, Victor Kitanin stressed.

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