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Now Kharkivens can pay gas bills online

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PJSC “Harkovgorgaz” launched an online service of gas bills payment for Kharkivens, as the press service of the enterprise reported on its official website.

Now Kharkivens can save their time and nerve, and pay gas bills instantly via the Internet instead of standing in line.

“Online gas payment was introduced to simplify the gas payment procedure and make it more convenient for customers,” the press service explains.

To pay gas bills via the Internet, a customer must has a payment card of any bank, which has a logo of «Visa» and «MasterCard» payment systems. And then the procedure is very simple. The user enters the personal account, indicates an amount he or she wants to pay, and the card number.

The money will be instantly transferred to the user’s personal account. The commission is determined by the customer’s payment service or bank.

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