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Representatives of UNDP evaluated the work of the Kharkiv region


Since the beginning of this year a program of development of the United Nations is operated in Ukraine. It provides several charitable projects which are realized in various regions of Ukraine including the Kharkiv region. One of the projects in Kharkiv focused on the rapid response to the problem of internally displaced persons (IDPs).

“We have the component of the project which is associated with the strengthening of social cohesion and building of a dialogue between the IDPs and host communities. We are just beginning to work in this sphere. Now together with the Ministry of Information Policy we are developing a common national information campaign to raise the level of social cohesion. That is the right information content which will be located on the central and regional media,” announced United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) representative Anna Lukinova.

There is also a special regional headquarters on assistance for the IDPs in Kharkiv. His representatives say that ignoring the absence of any legislation and regulations, IDPs in Kharkiv must be provided with all needments.

Currently IDPs are in need the most of assistance in their employment, added Kharkiv specialists. The existing workplaces in the region are not enough. And those vacancies that employers offer don’t satisfy the IDPs, reported in the employment center.

“During this period 1598 people have been employed. What is the difficulty of employment? As it was already mentioned, wages which had IDPs at home were about 15 – 20 thousand UAH. The salary and the vacancies which are offered here – maximum 2 thousand UAH. They are profitable to get government aid,” said Tatyana Denisenko, deputy director of the Kharkiv regional employment center.

Therefore, the problem of IDPs must be solved by the government at the legislative level that people who came from Donetsk and Lugansk could have a chance to rebuild a life, said the officials of the Kharkiv region.

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