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Kharkiven amazed the Poles with unusual technique of speed painting

Young Kharkiv artist Vlodyr came through to the final of the TV project “Poland got talent 2015”.  He surprised the jury and the audience with paintings that were born in the eyes of the public in a few minutes. Now Ukrainian prepares even more amazing show to outflank 10 competitors and win 300,000 zlotys ($ 75,000).


It turns out that 24-year-old Vlodyr (real name Vladimir) is a follower of Kharkiven Tatiana Galitsyna who two years ago won the same TV project with sand show.

The “Poland got talent” is organized by the largest Polish TV channel TVN. Thousands of artists from all over Europe participated in it. 50 of the most talented and Vlodyr among them were selected to the semi-final. He has already performed in two techniques – in speed painting and split join & stars show, the essence of which is dynamic painting, intrigue and unexpected final.

In the qualifying round Vladimir depicted dancing couple and transformed it into a portrait of one of the judges Agustin Egurrolu just in a few minutes. None of the spectators could understand the idea of the author before the end of the show because the face appeared only when he turned around the work.

And in the semifinals Vlodyr painted a picture on four separate canvases. The canvases were turned around, put together and formed the silhouette of the pianist. But the culmination of the show was a moment when Kharkiven bespangled the work and on the picture appeared a portrait of the Polish composer Frederic Chopin. The whole process took four and a half minutes. After that, there was no doubt that Vlodyr will come through to the final.

Now Vlodyr is preparing for the final which will be held in Warsaw. The idea of ​​a new show the author keeps in a secret but promises that it will be something special.

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