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Google is renaming Kharkiv streets

Photo from https://www.google.com.ua/maps/

Google Maps has already began to rename Kharkiv streets, which received the new titles on November 20th in the framework of the law on de-communization. A total number of renamed streets is 173.

In particular, Yaroslav the Wise Street instead Petrovsky Street is already presented on Google maps, as well as Alchevsk Street instead Artema Street, Maximilianovskaya Street instead Olminskogo Street. The names of some other streets have not been changed yet on Google maps.

Lenin Avenue, which provoqued the most disputes when people selected the most appropriate name, remains with the same name although it should be Avenue of Science.

Google search doesn’t cover all the new names. “Radianska” underground station remains to beRadianska“. Although it should be called “Ploshcha Konstytutsii” (Constitution Square) station as Wikipedia has already pointed.

It is worth to mentioning that citywide hearings concerning the Kharkiv streets renaming have failed to take place. The new names were accepted by deputies at the session of the Kharkiv City Council on November 20th.

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