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Volunteers ask to help for ATO soldiers

Photo from philmckinney.com

This weekend, 30 people were admitted into the Kharkiv Military Hospital. Volunteer organization “Sestra myloserdiya ATO” (“ATO sister of Mercy”) posted this information on Facebook.

“Many people have seen and heard numerous ambulance cars. The soldiers say: “It is difficult now, they opened massive fire at us again”, tells the statement. The soldiers came from different places and brigades. The health status of all is different: the wounded, sick, undermined by booby traps and people with minor injuries.

The help of caring people is still needed. At the moment the next items are required: diapers, blankets, water, coffee and mosquito repellent. The complete list can be found here.

Recall that fighter Oleg Cherepaha is in the burn center (50% of burns). The first operation of skin grafting was successful. Still, 3-4 more operations are planned. The hospital provides all the medicines, but it is necessary to maintain a daily special diet (600-1400 UAH per day). To help, you may just click the Facebook link and review the information.

Feel free to check the next news about more than 80 fighters from the area of ATO being hospitalizedKharkiv youth encouraged to join the campaign “Students for Peace and Love”.

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