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Kharkiv youth encouraged to join the campaign “Students for Peace and Love”


Kharkiv students initiated a carrying of the international student campaign “Students for Peace and Love” to support teachers and students who went to serve in the ATO area.

The initiators of the event are students of two Kharkiv universities – V.N. Karazin National University and Yaroslav the Wise National Law University. The goal of the action is to unite all young people not only in Kharkiv but also in Ukraine and all over the world in helping ATO soldiers.

During the campaign organizers plan to raise funds and the necessary things in universities and dorm rooms, and to hold a charity auction. For example, among the selected items – the book with “cyborg” autographs, flag from the ATO area, professional photo shoot, etc.

The campaign is already supported by students of five Kharkiv universities. The organizers say that even managed to attract some universities of Lithuania and France.

All the money that will be collected by students-volunteers in the course of this action will be duly supplied to the officially created for this purposes account, said representative of the volunteer fund “Kharkiv with you!” Andrew Scheinin.

“Our volunteer fund “Kharkiv with you!” has always helped our defenders to survive at the front, in hospitals. Therefore, when the organizers of this action have addressed us we could not stay away. We agreed and provided the account for our donations,” emphasized Andrew Scheinin.

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