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Kharkivens will benefit from cheap tours to Egypt

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As representatives of tour operators assured, Kharkiv tourists vacationing in Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh found the situation to be calm at the resorts. There were a few denied paid tours when a Russian plane crashed and the demand for Egypt has fallen greatly.

“At that time we have reduced the prices, but the demand has not increased, people were afraid. Now, two weeks later, we are returning to the previous prices, and the demand is growing. The panic subsided, the situation stabilized and Kharkivens don’t fear to go to Egypt,” told us Svetlana, manager of “IzobilieTour”.

“Now an average cost of the tour for two persons is about $900-1000. That is cheaper in comparison with the price before the accident,” she added.

However some Kharkiv tour operators don’t rush to raise rates. For example, a tour operator “Pilgrim” offers tours priced at $600 for 7 nights for two persons at a 4-star hotel.

“The prices are almost equal to the price of a flight. $600 includes: transfers, 4-star hotel accommodation, food, and insurance. People are using this opportunity, the demand has risen. How long we will keep these prices depends on the flight programs of other countries,” explains Alexander Hurynovich, manager consultant of “Pilgrim”.

“Egypt did not declare a state of emergency, even official data concerning the causes of Russian plane accident has not been received yet. After the crash, Egypt sets a high value on every tourist. At the moment, the price went down slightly, but the service quality significantly increased,” – told us Olga Gladkayan employee of “TurExpert”.

Tours usually include the transfer price. Tour operators assured when choosing a flight from Kharkiv, the tour price would jump by $150-200. However, a tour operator “Go with us” stated that the price of a transfer from Kharkiv may be even lower than from Kyiv. It depends on specific dates and flight load.

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