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Kharkiv students will hold a protest action

KNUREvolution. Photo from social networks

On Tuesday, students of Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics (KNURE) will carry out a peaceful protest action in front of the main building of the university, according to the information published in a social network’s group “KNURE Student Senate“.

Under the protest action students want to protect their rights, according to the event initiator, a student Oleg Bondarenko.

The students of the university assure that a peaceful protest “KNUREvolution” will be held as an informational and visual performance. The young people want to draw attention to a number of issues (low-quality education, corruption, lack of repair in hostels). The last straw became the recent conference devoted to forthcoming elections of a new University Senate.

At the conference the Student Senate provision and a new election provision were approved but both the projects were unfinished. We wanted to hold a meeting a few days later to refine it, but the KNURE leadership insisted on. Moreover, at the conference the University Administration representatives were constantly interrupting the dialogue and putting pressure on the students,” media portal “NR” quotes the words of a student Denis Echkenko.

The beginning of the action is scheduled at 12.30 on November 24th. By the way, the University Senate election appointed at the same day. According to the young people the elections will be held without consent of the existing body of the student government.

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