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Young engineers from Kharkiv will be able to work in the US

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On November 19th, the round table “Inter-municipal cooperation in the field of energy-saving technologies: Kharkiv – Cincinnati” was held in O.M. Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv. This information was provided by the press service of the City Council.

Experts discussed the reorganization of housing and communal services (HCS),  the introduction of energy saving technologies.

University Rector Vladimir Babaev said that the university is prepared to actively develop cooperation with the Americans.

“We (at the department of building structures) are developing technologies that are not used anywhere else in the world. It allows us to build modern energy-efficient buildings. Unfortunately, our industry is still unable to produce such technological line in HCS. But with co-development and production with the United States – this can be realized,” said Vladimir Babaev.

Deputy CFO of US electricity “Duke Energy” Michael Heath also expressed great interest in cooperation with Kharkiv.

“America has a problem – the engineers are aging, so we are interested in young professionals. We want to strengthen the program “Work And Travel” to attract talented young people to our country. We will return to Kharkiv to organize special programs in training for a certificate of the International Association of Energy Engineers, and also we plan to find funding for energy efficiency in Kharkiv,” said Mike Heath.

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