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Renaming of streets will cost 10 million UAH for Kharkiv


The expense for re-issue of documents for Kharkivens after the renaming of streets will take the city council, announced the first deputy mayor of Kharkiv Igor Terekhov at the meeting of the Standing Committee on Humanitarian Affairs on November 19th.

He emphasized that the city will do its utmost to facilitate the difficulties that may arise after the renaming of streets. According to him, in 2016 the city government plans to allocate for these needs about 10 million UAH. Thus, the city authorities remove the financial burden from Kharkivens associated with a possible renewal of the documents. A part of these funds will be directed to the purchase of new street nameplates. The tenders will be held before the purchase.


The first deputy mayor said that if there was no law on decommunization, the funds would be directed on the construction of the metro station “Pobeda”.

“Ten million is quite a significant amount. If we would not spend the money for renaming, we would spend the money for the construction of the subway, on the development of infrastructure or on infrastructure projects of the city,” said Igor Terekhov.

Recall that current legislation does not provide introduction of amendments to the legal documents due to the renaming of toponomy objects because they are effective and do not require replacement or obtaining new ones.

It is worth mentioning that today, on November 20th at the session of the Kharkiv City Council, it was decided to rename the 173 streets, four parks, public garden and a metro station, according to the law on decommunization.

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