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Probation in the regional administration for graduates of Igor Rainin School of Leadership


“To catch the interest of students with work in government is an important task,” said the Deputy Chairman of Kharkiv Regional State Administration (KRSA) Julia Svetlichnaya in a lecture in the “School of Leadership of the Chairman of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration Igor Rainin“.


“We need a new staff, and we want to see the students in the government therefore we choose the most active. As part of the School of Leadership the students will be able to work in the departments of KRSA. We attract young people to participate actively in vital processes of the region,” said Svetlichnaya.

Michael Cherniak also gave a lecture to students of the “School of Leadership”. He told what challenges faces the leader on the example of the civil service.

“Yes, the tone for the work sets a leader who makes decisions and is responsible for them. However, we understand that it is important a proper formation of the team. In the example of the regional administration – these are deputy chairmen of KRSA who supervise certain areas, and then – the structure of departments. The responsibility of the head who controls the region is huge. When you work in the public administration system you are responsible not only for the result. These are the fates of people, the security of the region, economic and social dimensions and many other issues,” said Michael Cherniak.

Reference. Igor Rainin School of Leadership was presented on October 7. About 200 students sent applications. On November 16 was the third lecture, a total number of lectures is 10. After the theory the participants of the school will have practical part. They will prepare projects in the educational and social spheres, and business projects. The winners will serve internship in the state executive authorities, on private enterprises.

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