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Americans want to open in Kharkiv a representative office of Electric Power Engineers Association


The representatives of the delegation from the twin town of Cincinnati (USA) plans to open a representative office of Electric Power Engineers Association in Kharkiv, announced the adviser of the president of heat supply of the Cincinnati University Joe Harrell, during his visit to Kharkiv on November 18th. According to him, it would be possible to train high-level specialists in Kharkiv.

The Deputy financial director of electricity supply US company «Duke Energy» Mike Heath said that they will provide the basis for the training of managers in the sphere of energetics so that the program on energy preservation in Kharkiv works more effectively.

Such intentions were emerged after the American delegation visited the communal agricultural enterprise “Kharkivgorlift” and familiarized with the introduction of energy-efficient technologies on the example of high-rise building on the lane Titarenkovskogo 20 which got to the city program of the energy efficiency improvement of the housing stock.

Kharkiv experience caught the interest of the delegation, and new prospects for the city appeared. Thus, after the visit of foreign experts the Director of the Housing Department Roman Nekhoroshkov emphasized that Kharkiv could count on a breakthrough in the development of this sphere.

“We count on sharing the information on how modern level of the development in the United States, namely in Cincinnati use today various technologies of electrical generation and energy preservation technologies. This will give us an opportunity to learn their experiences and understand the earliest prospects of the development,” said Roman Nekhoroshkov.

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