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The Kharkiv deputies begin to abandon mandates

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Most of the deputies from the political party “Vidrodzhennia”, which had formed a majority of the Kharkiv City Council, are now renouncing mandates. According to “Vesti” 12 people gave it up, among them Vladimir Skorobagach (the head of the municipal organization), Igor Telyatnikov, Sergey Andreev, and others.

Through that reshuffle, Vladimir Tupitcin (the 59th number) and Alexander Novak (the 70th on the roll) passed in the City Council. Exactly for the latter, ex-secretary of the City Council, to be elected again, all the deputy shake-up was undertaken, as Mikhail Kamchatny, the chairman of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region, states.

“We talked about the possibility of such a move before, and I don’t exclude that other members would abandon mandates. Previously, migratory list agreements were concluded before the elections, but now deputies also can “negotiate” a place after the elections,” – Kamchatny added. “When the most attractive seats of the City Council will be shared, we could judge if “the agreement on non-interference” between Gennady Kernes and the Administration of the President took place or not.”

As a result of this reshuffle the City Council finally established a majority of the “Vidrodzhennia” party (57 seats).

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