Home Culture A six-year-old Kharkiven named 207 capitals without any help

A six-year-old Kharkiven named 207 capitals without any help

Photo from kp.ua

Six-year-old Lev Bondarenko set a record of Ukraine for his age group: he named from memory over two hundred capitals, as “KP”-Ukraine writes.

Setting the record, a little scholar demonstrated knowledge of not only well-known countries but also of such exotic ones as Saint Kitts and Nevis (the capital is Buster) and Barbados (Bridgetown). Lev’s mother dreamed of her son becoming a genius.

In October 2014 Lev established a record of Ukraine for speed reading. In five years, he absorbed unfamiliar texts with a speed of 141 words per minute. Exactly love of books helped the boy to become a champion for the second time.

1447154673_lev “He began reading on his own in two years and seven months. When, before the competition, I decided to count the number of books and encyclopedias he had read, I counted more than 200. Lev had read it from cover to cover. I coached him before the competition. At the beginning it was very difficult to remember everything but little by little he learned all the things he was mistaking,” – Lev’s mother says.

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