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The “Battle of corporations”: round three

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On November 14-15, the third stage of the “Battle of corporations” will take place. Volleyball competitions will be held at the National University of Municipal Economy. This time 16 companies will compete at a volleyball court.

November 12, meeting of the teams and the draw for this stage will be held in a small press conference hall of the “Metalist” stadium. On the first day teams will play the group stage (games start at 9.00 and 12.30), and the next day the playoffs will take place (the beginning of games is at 10.00). According to the rules, at least one woman must always be on the sports ground (6 players in total, and up to 12 in the application for the game).

The second phase of “Battle of corporations” involved mini-football. October 18th, in the finals, the team “Kharkiv heat networks” defeated a team “Alfa-Bank” with a score of 7:2. Team “Ukrnafta” earned the third place.

Recall that the first stage of “Battle of corporations” was mini-golf. First place was occupied by “Kharkivvodokanal”.

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