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New traffic rules are in effect

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In view of adoption of the law on the national police, existing legislative acts concerning traffic offences were updated. The new rules introduced a video recording system and a penalty points system.

Photo and video recording should return on the roads in November. Where and when the cameras will be installed, is still unknown.

4fa787a5ae2be However, the responsibility for traffic offences is attached to the car owners, as it was written in the document. No matter who is behind the wheel at the time of the violation. If you do not agree with the system, you need to appeal it in the court. Other options are not provided. After the camera records the offense, the car owner will get a message with a traffic fine, and a link to the website where he or she can watch a video/photo violations. The fine should be paid within 30 days or appealed within 10 days.

In addition, the penalty point system will come into operation in November. For example, a driver exceeds speed and a camera fixes it. Then the system sends the data to a policeman who should determine the car owner and within 3 days has to send him the information that his points were removed for traffic rules violating.

If a driver violates the rules too often, and there are no points left, the policemen must give a ticket, and also send a message about the offence.

However, a driver can pay by points in case the violation is recorded only. If the police stops an offender, he or she can‘t use points.

The law contains a list of violations which the point system extends to. 50 points will take off for each of them. If considering that everyone is given 150 points per year, it turns out that exactly 3 violations could be paid by points.

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