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World and European champions gave an open lesson in Kharkiv


Titled sportsmen, world and European champions in fighting, boxing, kickboxing and rock climbing showed a master class for schoolboys of the Kharkiv school №36 under the action “I was taught, and I’ll teach you” on November 4th.

Champions demonstrated exercises on fighting, boxing, and kickboxing as well as a few self-defense techniques which can be useful in various critical situations.

“Such activities are put into practice in Kharkinot for the first time, we hold them every year in various educational institutions,” – Valentin Golovko, a master of sports of international class in fighting, said, – “it’s a piece of motivation which helps children to find their position in life and cultivates a love of sports”.

“I liked driving on high, I was so impressed… it was cool. I realized that it is necessary to engage in sports instead of sitting on the computer at home,” – Andrew Bagdaraev, a pupil of the 9-A class of school №36, expressed his impression from the lesson.

The video of the lesson can be found here.

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