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A singing tattoo artist and “Oplot” fighter became a Kharkiv deputy

Photo from https://vk.com/id88739645

The man performs rap songs promoting healthy lifestyle and records amateur clips.

Chuguev City Council can boast of, perhaps, the most extraordinary deputy in the field. According to the Central Election Commission (CEC), 24-year-old Victor Evtyushkin, a tattoo and rap artist and a fighter in fight club “Oplot“, got one of thirty-two seats.

Victor Evtyushkin became the youngest deputy of Chuguev City Council. According to the information on the website of the CEC, the young man is currently unemployed, but his page VK says that he has two sources of income: tattooing (the young man is completely covered with drawings) and a coach job in the hall of mixed martial arts “Sparta”.

Evtyushkin was not a part of the “Oplot” team but entered for contests. And it’s not an accidental thing: Evtyushkin is a CMS of boxing and a medalist of Ukrainian Championship. At any rate, such information is contained in the profile of the guy on the page … fight club “Oplot”.

There are program objectives of the extraordinary candidate on his VK page here:

“I’m not going in the City Council for politics and advertising but for the solution of specific issues of the residents of my district, for real improvement of the life of my fellow countrymen”.

“The main tasks for me as for the deputy I consider: street lighting, roads reconstruction, installation of playgrounds and sports grounds, support for veterans and the people of venerable age, assisting in the organization of children’s and youth leisure,” – Evtyushkin stated.

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