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The incidence of infectious diseases in Kharkiv

On October 28th at the meeting of the executive committee of the Kharkiv City Council the Director of the Department of Health Yuriy Sorokolat said that this year it is recorded 36,2 thousand cases of infectious diseases in Kharkiv and that is 8% less than in 2014.

He also emphasized that despite the reduction in the burden of infectious diseases in whole, high burden of infections that are treated with vaccination was created in 2015 in Kharkiv. First of all it concerns the incidence of measles, whooping cough and viral hepatitis. According to Yuriy Sorocolat, the vaccines against these diseases must be purchased for public funds. But the law does not provide the mandatory allocation of funds for these purposes from the city budget.

Yuriy Sorokolat also said that excess incidence of tuberculosis was registered in Kharkiv. He noticed that in compare with the same period of last year the incidence of tuberculosis has increased by 5,8%. Among the children up to 18 years, 11 cases of active tuberculosis have been registered including 10 cases of pulmonary tuberculosis.

001According to Yuri Sorocolat, the vaccination against tuberculosis for newborn children in the I quarter of 2015 was not done because of the expiration of the use of existing vaccines. And in September 2015 there was no BCG vaccine in Kharkiv at all.

Yuri Sorokolat also reported that tuberculin was purchased for the city budget in the amount of 516,4 thousand hryvnias for PDD test for children in 2015. 37,8 thousand children underwent tuberculin diagnostics. From September 2015 tuberculin diagnostics is actively conducted for children who made PDD test in autumn 2014.

According to Yuriy Sorokolat, about 700 thousand people made fluorography and X-ray examinations for early detection of tuberculosis and other lung diseases.

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