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Marketing Festival will be held in Kharkiv

On October 22, VII International Marketing Festival “Remarketing-2015” will be held at Premier Palace Hotel Kharkiv.

One of the organizers of the festival, director of Kharkiv Leading Media Alexander Ivchenko, expressed confidence that the format will be the main attraction of the project: “This is not a conference, not a master class, it is, first of all, a professional “tusovka”, where experts can discuss the latest trends, showing their achievements, finding new contacts and ways to interact”.

The labyrinth is a symbol and the central idea of this year’s festival. This concept has came from the fact that the goods today go to the consumer through the complex maze of the market. Marketing, PR and advertising help to choose the shortest and most effective way.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 3.17.54 PMEach year, more than 500 experts in the field of marketing, advertising and PR attend the festival. Headliners of the “Remarketing-2015” are: creative director of advertising agency BBDO Ukraine Anze Jereb, co-founder and creative director of Banda Agency Pavel Klubnikin, Managing Director GROU Yaryna Klyuchkovska, Group CEO Advanter Group Andrew Dligach, co-founder and director of the Kyiv Academy of Media Arts Sergey Vovk. The program also includes a workshop, talk show and work in sections (Strategic marketing, Advertising & design, Internet marketing). In addition to the announced measures, participants of “Remarketing-2015” can perpetuate themselves or their company using the 3D-Printing by «BeeLabs» or win a certificate for almost anything from one of the partners of the event, a well-known online store.

Registration for the VII International Marketing Festival “Remarketing-2015” begins at 8:00. All information about the event you can find on the site.

Remember that today a large-scale International agroforum “Agroport-2015” has been launched.

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