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Kharkiv ambulance will speed-up

Photo from zn.ua

Kharkiv Regional Emergency Center received 7 new ambulance cars.  Specialized vehicles of Class A and B systems of emergency medical aid costed 40 million UAH. The sum was allocated from the regional budget. In the nearest future 22 more Peugeot‘ and ‘Citroenambulance cars will be sent to city hospitals.

Chairman of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration Igor Rainin said: “The manager of funds, municipal institution “Regional center of emergency medicine and disaster medicine”, successfully completed tender procedures”.

Another 40 million UAH were allocated from the regional budget in 2015 for purchasing new medical equipment. Kharkiv Regional Clinical Hospital, has already completed the tender process and signed a contract for the purchase of such medical accessories.

Recall that the medical sphere of Kharkiv region will receive redistributed subventions.

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