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An unusual exhibition for blind children in Kharkiv

The tactile exhibition of Ukrainian painter Sergey Ponochenyuk will be launched within the Ukrainian seminar “The World at Your Fingertips.”

Timed to the eve of “White Cane Safety Day”, which is celebrated on the 15th of October, the All-Ukrainian Public Association “National Assembly of Disabled of Ukraine” and the non-governmental organization (NGO) “Kharkiv center of rehabilitation of young people with disabilities and their families “Right to choose” are carrying out a nationwide seminar “The World at Your Fingertips” in Kharkiv. It will be held October 9th-11th, for the purposes of ensuring the right of blind children to receive high-quality information in a convenient form.

During the event, participants will have an opportunity to share the experience with colleagues from Ukraine and Poland, to get acquainted with the perception of graphical information and artworks by the blind people, and to acknowledge the modern manufacturing methods of embossed graphics manuals. They also will have a chance to participate in master classes on topics of the seminar.

thumb-big-420x305-7119In the framework of the event, on October 9th – 23rd, in the Chernobyl historic workshop (premises of the organization “Chernobyl Union of Ukraine”) a tactile exhibition of Ukrainian painter, Sergey Ponochenyuk, will take place. There will be oil paintings transferred on the wood through carving. Each oeuvre is accompanied by audio commentaries, a few works are made in the form of tactile wooden puzzles. Under the guidance of the exhibition’s author, the children will try to reproduce the tactile picture by painting the gypsum copy of one of the painter’s works.

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